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Missing Trader Intra Community Fraud | VAT Fraud

Offences involving VAT fraud, including Carousel fraud, otherwise known as Missing Trader Intra Community Fraud (MTIC Fraud).

Carousel fraud and VAT fraud involve very complex intra company trading arrangements between UK and European Union based companies, involving goods, such as electrical equipment, computer chips and mobile phones. Frauds are often involve a series of companies acting together (conspiracy) to claim back VAT for a none existent or missing trader with a carousel of companies involved - ´carousel fraud´.

Investigations by HM Revenue and Customs and other investigative bodies into Carousel fraud and VAT fraud are lengthy and wide-ranging involving the activities of many companies and individuals. Prosecutions for Carousel fraud and VAT fraud are long and complex and require specialist legal defence representation. Conviction frequently results in substantial sentences of imprisonment and orders for confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Only specialist defence solicitors with experience of these type of cases are equipped to deal with them. Advice at an early stage is vital. Public funding (Legal Aid) may be available for legal defence representation in Carousel fraud and VAT fraud cases.

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